Thursday, November 5, 2015

Religious Education Calendar

Religious Education

Director of Religious Education: Carolina S├ínchez 574-780-8971

Religious Education is a very important part of our mission as a parish. It is our effort as a community to pass on our Faith to our children.

It has many challenges.  We live in a society and culture that has many values contrary to our Faith. There are many voices and media calling out to us and our children. The struggles of work and challenges of everyday life leave little room for family time and values of Faith.

When children are baptized, parents accept the responsibility of teaching their children the Faith. Godparents--who represent the Faith community--agree to help the parents. The religious education program is really a partnership. It requires collaboration and communication between parents and teachers to be successful.

We hope parents take the time to meet and talk with the teachers who commit their time and efforts to share the Faith. Meetings with parents are also another way that parents can learn about the program and be involved.